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These CREEP CASES Will Turn Your Phones Into The Stuff Of Nightmares!

We love it when creative people take matters into their own hands when it comes to making horror themed stuff that they themselves would love to own! Enter artist Jon Fields. Jon has been a freelancer artist and sculptor for over 20 years, and the impetus for CREEP CASES began when he was trying to find a detailed zombie phone case for his wife’s birthday. When he couldn’t find the right one, he decided to just sculpt his own.

From there, he’s builtĀ 3 amazing designs: the infamous Stitches, the Rib Cage case and the Bad Mojo face. These bad boys are limited to 300 pieces each and are all individually hand made and painted by Fields. There are pics below, but I assure you, these photos don’t do justice to the detail you’ll notice when you have one in front of you in person.

The first one I saw in person was the rib cage one courtesy of my friend Buz Wallick. Here’s a snap shot of how cool it looks on your phone!


Below you can see the detail in the Stitches design and it’s durability and flexibility.


Once again, these particular designs are extremely limited. And currently, Fields is plotting 6 more original new designs.

You can buy them directly at Creep Cases official website. And keep on top of the latest via their social media pages including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.