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The Deadly Tale of “He Who Should Not Be Named”

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Today’s viral tale of horror comes from multiple sources in several countries… so whether any of those very similar accounts could be verified (it’s practically impossible in cases like this), this story has certainly been making the rounds since it first surfaced anonymously in 2008.

Despite some minor variations, most of the stories match on two significant details:

1. The accounts all describe a horrific, inhuman entity — either a disembodied spirit, or a flesh-and-blood creature — which can bring madness and death upon anyone who dares to speak its name.

2. It seems that even writing down the name of this predatory boogeyman can have dire results, as suggested by reposts of stories by unnamed authors who have attempted to do that very thing. Those stories all have one thing in common: after writing or typing the creature’s name, the original author never completes the next sentence.

My research has found that copying and pasting a body of text in which the author includes the name seems to be the only safe method of passing along the story… but then again, many of the users who have done this have not been heard from again.

I’m not a superstitious person, but just in case, I’m going to use the copy-and-paste method in relaying two of the most chilling stories of “He Who Should Not Be Named.”

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The first tale begins with a conversation between a young person (unidentified) and their grandmother, whose behavior suddenly and inexplicably began to change one day, starting with strange ramblings about a “creature” which she believed to be following her and speaking directly to her.

As any loving family would have done, we assumed she was just “losing it” and decided to put her in a home. Every now and again I visit my beloved grandmother and find her sitting in her chair talking to the empty room. She would turn to me and try to say something but instantly. She would tell me what she saw every night.


“White holes for eyes,” she said. “It looks through my window, waiting for its chance. Waiting, waiting for me to…”


She went quiet for a moment, then: “to… say its name…”


I dismissed this as another episode of hers and went about my life.


Then one day, I went to see my beloved grandmother. As usual, she was in her chair. But this time she turned to me and said its name.


My beloved grandmother mysteriously disappeared that night.


To this day I struggle to think what she had called this creature stalking her for her remaining years.


“Candlejack,” was it?


I can’t rememb

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The second anonymous tale is shorter, but no less terrifying:

In this world exists a spirit neither male nor female. This spirit is covered with a dark cloth with a separate white cloth to cover its head. It is said to carry an enormous brown burlap sack in which to hold its victims.


It is said the second its name has been called out, either directly or indirectly, the person is collected and is property of the spirit.


Many who have witnessed its appearance are said to have gone insane, with their eyes gouged out.


This spirit is very, very real and failure to not mention its name will cause Candlejack to come whisk you awa


I haven’t typed the creature’s name, and only pasted excerpts from the original text of these two stories into this article. I’m naturally skeptical, of course… but I’m also no dummy.

Time will tell if this method will keep me safe. I guess we’ll both know soon enough…


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