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Survival Horror Meets Alien Abduction in This Game Preview for THE HUM: ABDUCTIONS!

Totwise Studios has released some new footage of survival-horror game THE HUM: ABDUCTIONS, and the vids’ creepy atmosphere and the game’s novel concept have a lot of gamers curious.

First, the footage… here:

…and here:

As a set-up for a horror game, it’s definitively promising; the second video above was shot on VR rig, and even gives us a glimpse of the game’s enemies — creepy “gray”-style aliens right out of CONTACT or COMMUNION… my personal favorite kind of monsters.



 THE HUM: ABDUCTIONS is a first-person horror game from untested game studio Totwise Studios. You play as Holly Sanders, a recently widowed mother to a young son. As THE HUM: ABDUCTIONS’ story unfolds, you learn of a mysterious connection between your family and alien invaders.

The game’s original trailer should give you an idea of how it will play:

Extraterrestrial kidnappings are definitively a promising nightmare fuel for a horror game — there’s something truly weird and terrifying about little grey men invading our homes and kidnapping us to do God-knows what with their anal probe machines. So when I first heard about it, I was pretty psyched to play ABDUCTIONS. My interest was piqued further by the announcement that the game was planned for release on all the major VR systems as well as traditional game platforms… but things get a little iffy from there.

Totwise’s website says ABDUCTIONS is part of a larger HUM “universe,” that will eventually consist of many video games, a number of novels, pen-and-paper role-playing games, comics, and virtual reality experiences… but other than a few chapters of a novel (in Spanish) and the footage and screenshots Totwise has released, there isn’t much to show. It’s definitely a great idea, but until there’s a little more to go on, I’d be cautious of over-expectations.

Right now, THE HUM: ABDUCTIONS is almost pure possibility… but judging from the interest in the title, it’s on the right track. Let’s hope that Totwise and THE HUM mastermind Ariel Arias can actualize their ambitious plans and makes the alien abduction horror game the world needs and deserves.

There’s no official release date for THE HUM: ABDUCTIONS, but it’s planned for release on PC, Mac, and PS4, and compatibility with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and OSVR.