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UPDATE: New Video Released of Monster Gator on Florida Golf Course!

Even if you missed our story last week about the humongous alligator photographed stomping across the fairway of a Florida golf course, chances are pretty good you’ve seen the story pop up on at least one of your social media feeds.

But as of that writing, no one had yet released anything more than a still image of the truck-sized reptile, uploaded to Facebook by Charles Helms, who got an eyeful of the scaly monstrosity while playing a round on the Buffalo Creek course in Palmetto, FL.

That all changed shortly afterward, when the following one-minute video clip of the monstrous creature — which has been estimated by Buffalo Creek staff at around 15 or 16 feet in length — was posted to YouTube by

If you didn’t play that clip just now, you should… it’s not only pretty damned astounding, but the reactions of the people on the other side of the camera (“Is that two guys in an alligator suit?… Holy crap, it’s a monster!”) help inject some accidental comedy into the proceedings.

Not to mention the dude in the foreground walking toward it (allegedly it’s Charles Helms, the man who uploaded the first photo of the beast), with nothing to defend himself but a camera and a pair of baggy-ass shorts.

The resulting viral explosion was nearly instantaneous, and spawned at least one rather hilarious meme:


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