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The 5 Most Valuable Funko POP! Horror Toys

They’re cute. They have big heads. And they’re EVERYWHERE.

Over the course of the last couple years, Funko’s line of POP! vinyl toys has more or less taken over the world, to the point that the loveable little dudes and dudettes should probably have their own movie deal. The vinyl figures can be found even in stores that don’t normally sell toys, and nearly every major geek event across the country has gotten their own batch of nifty exclusives.


But which ones are the most valuable? We took to eBay in an effort to find out – with our eye, of course, on the ones of the horror variety – and we came up with a Top 5 list of the most expensive and sought-after ones of the bunch. Of course, plenty of eBay sellers are TRYING to sell their POP!s for way more than they’re actually worth, so we must point out that we only perused the auctions that actually SOLD for the price tags listed. After all, a toy is only worth what someone’s willing to pay for it.

Oh and we also ignored the “Freddy Funko” variants of our favorite horror icons – toys wherein the brand’s cute little mascot dresses up as pop culture characters – because those are all super valuable and the list would be dominated by them if we didn’t exclude them. So sorry, Double F.

Without further delay, onto the list!

1) By a mile and a half, the most valuable of the Funko POP! toys that appeal to us horror fans is the set of three General Mills “Cereal Monsters” that were whipped up for the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con. For the exclusive offering, Count Chocula, Boo Berry, and Franken Berry were given the metallic treatment, and each toy was limited to just 480 pieces. Though they’re of course more affordable individually, a set of the three just sold on eBay for a whopping $1,750 – and no, that’s not a typo. Even a set of the non-exclusive versions, without the metallic shine, goes for a few hundred bucks.

2) Funko has turned both Gizmo and Stripe into POP! vinyl toys, which are both must-owns for all GREMLINS fans, and they each have their own valuable variants. Stripe has a glow-in-the-dark chase figure, but it’s the 2011 SDCC “flocked” Gizmo variant that goes for the big bucks. Unlike most of the toys in the line, this one has faux fur all over its head and body, making it quite a bit cooler than the standard Gizmo toy. Over on eBay, we found one that recently sold for $480 – and for that price, getting the figurine wet damn sure better result in it spawning a bunch of other toys!

3) For the 2013 SDCC, the titular icons from the ALIEN and PREDATOR franchises were put for grabs as exclusive POP! toys, and what made them special is that they were both splattered with green alien blood – the blood decorated both the toys and, as a cool bonus, the packaging itself. The Predator “splatter variant” goes for a pretty penny these days, but what really caught our attention is that one of the Xenomorph figures just sold for $349. And the toy, limited to 1,0008 pieces, is seemingly going up in value with each passing day, as there’s another auction on eBay right now that’s listed for $595 – and 10 people, at the time of writing this post, are actively watching it!

4) One of my personal favorite sub-lines in the POP! line was dedicated to NBC’s exceptional (but sadly cancelled too soon) series HANNIBAL, which included Hannibal, Will, Jack, and Stagman, along with variants of Will in a straight-jacket and Hannibal covered in blood. But the rarest HANNIBAL toy of all wasn’t even a character on the show. At the 2015 SDCC, Funko turned series creator Bryan Fuller into his very own POP! vinyl figure, and since the toy was limited to just 144 pieces, it naturally sold out in a flash. One just went for $294.95 on eBay, and ones that were signed by Fuller at the event are selling for upwards of $375. Without Fuller, there would be no HANNIBAL, so he more than deserved a toy!

5) Not surprisingly, Funko’s line of THE WALKING DEAD vinyl toys is quite extensive, loaded with all sorts of variants and rare exclusives. One of the coolest is a toy of Hershel with a removable head, exclusive to the 2014 SDCC, but the most valuable one we were able to track down was once found only in Hot Topic stores. Though he may have been a racist piece of crap, seeing Merle turn into a zombie was a pretty sad moment, one that was made even sadder by his brother Daryl being forced to put him down. This exclusive toy of a zombie Merle recreates that moment, and someone recently thought it worth spending $279.95 on. Hey, whatever makes you happy!

Do you have any valuable POP! vinyl toys? Let us know!