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Exorcist Claims This Footage Shows a Woman Possessed by Demonic “Jinn”

Over the weekend, a bizarre and disturbing 15-minute video was uploaded to YouTube which its posters claim is footage of a young woman under the control of supernatural entities known as Shaytan Jinn — beings originally described in Arabic folklore, and later considered by some Muslims to be powerful and malicious creatures in league with Satan.

The controversial group which produced the video is based in Saltillo, Mexico, and their name loosely translates as “Moment of Truth Ministry.” Their leader, Eliezer Lara Montoya, deals frequently with topics of possession, exorcism and demonology on their YouTube channel, where you can find a variety of similar clips purported to contain genuine footage of demonic possession or other dark paranormal forces at work.

The validity of the footage above is debatable, of course, but even if we’re looking at a staged performance, it’s still incredibly creepy… and pretty convincing.

Image Credit: Ministerio Es La Hora De La Verdad
Image Credit: Ministerio Es La Hora De La Verdad

The woman hisses, snarls and fights the three men who are trying to restrain her — one of whom (the man in the blue shirt) is reading from a religious text (it’s not identified, but may be the Quran), and tries to make her repeat some of the same passages.

Shockingly, the ceremony seems to turn even more violent — and if it’s legit, we’re looking at blatant physical abuse — as one of the men begins slapping the subject, then appears to press a lit match against her face and neck (the burn marks are clearly visible).

Image Credit: Ministerio Es La Hora De La Verdad
Image Credit: Ministerio Es La Hora De La Verdad

The woman finally seems to fall into a kind of fugue state during these recitations, and appears to have gone fully catatonic by the end.


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