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Weekend Levity – Watch Rapper Froggy Fresh’s “Nightmare On My Street”

The continued popularity of Freddy Krueger and the A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET franchise never ceases to amaze me. That series was not only such a huge part of the latter 80’s, but it really made a massive impression on the pop culture zeitgeist. Hence, even to this day with no movie in sight, people continue to be inspired by Wes Craven’s creation, the foul-mouthed, razor fingered bastard son of a thousand maniacs!

Freddy “Fre$h” Krueger has a handful of videos of himself rapping, in particular this one where he’s dissing Jason Voorhees. But today, let’s take a look at Froggy Fresh. It’s Halloween night and Froggy Fresh is dressed like THRILLER-era Michael Jackson, while his best friend is PURPLE RAIN-era Prince. They’re just chilling, playing video games when an unexpected dream demon starts terrorizing them. Seeing (and hearing) is believing, folks.

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