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EXCLUSIVE Creepy Clip Of “The Driver” From FENDER BENDER

This Friday evening, June 3rd, the Chiller network will be premiering the original horror feature FENDER BENDER, a joint collaboration with the fine fiends over at Scream Factory. This marks the first original feature from Scream Factory who, up until now, have been producing stellar Criterion-esque collector’s editions of horror titles on Blu-Ray. It also marks the return of writer/director Mark Pavia who last helmed the 1997 cult hit NIGHT FLIER, based on the Stephen King short story.

We were fortunate enough to attend the Los Angeles premiere event and get an advance look at the flick. It is definitely a love letter to the ’80s style of “slasher” horror. And it’s only fitting that it’ll debut in the same place a lot of us discovered the films it draws its influences from… on cable! Scream Factory sent us over this exclusive clip to give you a taste of what you’re in for. In it, the mysterious “Driver” is searching the house for Hilary (Makenzie Vega). You can get a feel for how much he really, really enjoys his “work” here.

The film itself follows a 17 year old girl who gets in her first minor “fender bender” and exchanges all her personal information with the other driver. But it turns out he has severe ulterior motives, and now the sadistic stalker is actually a serial killer that knows exactly where to find Hilary.

Tune on Friday night or set your DVR’s to the Chiller network and check out FENDER BENDER! Below is the full trailer!