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This Man Rediscovered His Childhood “Flip Book”… But Something Had Changed

As with so many creepypastas and assorted viral lore, today’s horrific tale originated from an author whose personal information is sketchy at best. The only details we have originate from a user who went by the handle ArmTheAnon, who posted the account in 2010.

As of today, that user’s profile has disappeared, and his true identity remains unknown.

Their story began long ago, in elementary school art class. One of the author’s favorite projects was making “flip books” — hand-made booklets on which the students could create simple animations.

The author remembered having a particular fondness for a 50-page flip book on which he spent many hours of hard work. It showed a stick figure who walked onto the page, smiled and waved, then walked off again.


It was a simple creation, but held a special fascination for the author, and he remembers being obsessed with the book for quite a while. But eventually, he lost interest and tossed it aside.

Many years passed, the author grew to adulthood, and the project was long forgotten… until one day when he came across a box of his childhood artwork, which his mother had saved and stored on a closet shelf in his childhood bedroom.

The instant he picked up the flip book, the memories began to flood back, and he smiled to himself as he opened it for the first time in decades.

That’s also the moment when he noticed something unusual about the book: while the other drawings and artworks had become dry and brittle with age, the flip book looked as new as if it were made that day.

But that wasn’t the strangest part.

When he flipped through the pages, the little stick figure walked into view, smiled and waved as it had so many times before… but this time it didn’t walk off the page. It just kept looking straight at the author.

For a moment, he thought maybe this was a different book, or that he’d remembered it wrong. But when he flipped through it again, he realized the animation had changed a second time.


A second stick figure walked into view. This one was distinctly different — it had a strange look on its face, and it was carrying something.

Just as the other figure began to raise whatever it was carrying, he reached the last page.

Baffled and unnerved by what he’d seen, the author tried flipping through the book again… and was horrified by what happened next.


Impossibly, the animation picked up where it had left off, with the second figure confronting the first. The object it was carrying must have been a club or blade, because it began to strike the first figure in the head with it.

The first figure appeared to fall down, but the second continued to beat or stab it until it became a tangle of jagged lines. Something that must have been pencil smudges began to spread outward from the crumpled figure’s body… but the pattern looked a lot like blood.


The book finished again. The author stopped and took a deep breath, unable to grasp what he’d just witnessed. It couldn’t have been real… he must have been hallucinating or delusional. That possibility carried a horror of its own.

But he had to see what came next. Mustering his courage, he started flipping through the book again.


The maniacal figure was still there… and still attacking the mess that was once the first figure. The graphite “blood” spattered and spread in all directions as it began to tear the twisted limbs. It appeared to be bending the dismembered arms and legs into a horrific new shape…

Then the murderous stick person turned on itself, tearing off its own limbs, sending new showers of smeared black blood in all directions. Its severed parts joined with those of the first figure… and that’s when the author realized they were not randomly thrown around. The jagged, torn lines had formed two words.