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This Creepy Clown Short Should Ruin Your Whole Day!

If you suffer from a fear of clowns — and you want a good, creepy horror short to give you some fresh nightmares tonight — we’ve got just the film for you!

It’s actually the 2016 season finale of the YouTube series SCARY ENDINGS — a collection of bite-sized horror shorts from various filmmakers. We’ve showcased several of their films — including the seasonal favorite “Yummy Meat,” about a werewolf’s Halloween night. (Watch it here!)

The entire series is directed by John Fitzpatrick, and this episode stars Adrienne Smith (We Can Be Heroes, The Babysitter and the Boogeyman), Guilford Adams (Parenthood, Modern Family) and Miles Chandler. It’s called… “Welcome To The Circus!”

Well played, gang. Well played.

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