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Does This Creepy Audio Footage Reveal the Voices of the Dead?

The following story contains an example of what paranormal investigators call Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), which is often a major component of the ghost hunter’s toolkit… but I think even this team was unprepared for what their recording equipment picked up.

Image Credit: Don Philips via YouTube
Image Credit: Don Philips via YouTube

According to the Mirror, Washington State resident Keith Linder (above) was absolutely convinced his house was haunted by the ghosts of Irish settlers, allegedly buried a century ago on the same land where his house was built. Linder says the situation had finally become so desperate that he turned to a pair of well-known British paranormal experts for help.

“We moved in the house in the spring of 2012 and began experiencing paranormal weirdness almost immediately,” Linder said, claiming that the “malevolent activity” included spontaneous combustion of multiple bibles and a cross, and the disappearance of several religious articles. These incidents allegedly escalated in intensity during a local priest’s attempts to exorcise the spirits from the property.

During their investigation last November, ghost hunters Steve Mera and Don Philips claimed to have made voice contact with multiple entities — mostly while Philips (pictured at top) explored a creepy crawlspace beneath Linder’s house — and their recordings from those sessions can be heard on the video below:

Mera noted that the voices had distinct Irish accents, and the recording suggests a two-way conversation between Philips and the unseen entities.

Image Credit: Don Philips via YouTube
Image Credit: Don Philips via YouTube

Shortly after Mera and Philips conducted their conversation with the spectral voices, Linder claimed that the strange incidents decreased in intensity, but still continued in some form or another; he told the Mirror he decided to move out of the house less than a month ago.


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