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James Wan Talks “Redefining Horror” in This New Promo for THE CONJURING 2!

With the highly-anticipated sequel to James Wan’s chilling blockbuster THE CONJURING less than two weeks away, the film’s promoters have assembled some pretty intense preview materials… for example, we recently shared some audio excerpts from the Warrens’ case files which may lead to a few sleepless nights.

In a new follow-up promo uploaded today, CONJURING director Wan steps to the other side of the camera to discusses his creative approach to both the original film and the upcoming sequel, his prime influences, and the importance of believable and sympathetic characters in horror cinema… plus, we get a few new terrifying teases from the film!

THE CONJURING 2 hits theaters on June 10, with stars Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson reprising their roles as demonologists Lorraine and Ed Warren, who this time are investigating terrifying disturbances plaguing a woman and her children in their UK home — a real-life case known as the “Enfield Poltergeist.”

You can find out more at the film’s official site and Facebook page.