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Are These the 10 Scariest Video Games Ever?

During these rainy gloomy days there’s nothing better than locking yourself in your home and totally immersing yourself in some truly horrifying video games. Here is a quick list of the scariest games ever to help you through the spring rainy season.


In space no one can hear you scream, but in your own living room, this game will make scream like a baby. I am one of those individuals who absolutely loved the film EVENT HORIZON, and DEAD SPACE has a similar vibe to it, but with a lot more shooting and blowing things up.




It’s pretty amazing the way the SILENT HILL franchise has managed to up the frights with each new incarnation. The nurses begin playing a larger and incredibly scarier role in part two, but the real scary bastards are those Pyramid Heads. These are the cosplayers I will always walk away from at conventions.




An interesting direction for the RESIDENT EVIL franchise, special agent Leon Kennedy is sent to a small Spanish village where he must rescue the president’s daughter.  This is a great game for those of us who have always want to kill Hammeresque villagers in a 19th Century European backdrop.  The continual onslaught of chainsaw wielding townsfolk is bad enough, but the regenerators are even more terrifying!

resident evil 4



I cannot even fathom the sick mind that came up with this one. As the overnight security guard at a kids’ pizzeria, you are continually terrorized by the animatronic creations who would like nothing more than to stuff your corpse into a plushy bear suit. This indy title seems to keep finding its way into various top ten lists. Apparently, it’s more frightening to be locked in a Chuck E. Cheese’s at night than to actually eat at one during the day, but it’s a very close race.




The first FATAL FRAME presented an interesting concept, and the second took that concept and pushed it and ran with it into a crazy frightening new dimension. Fighting ghosts armed only with a camera is incredibly unnerving. After a few minutes of gameplay, you’ll wish you had a proton pack.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 7.50.50 PM



Some argue that the Big Daddies in BIOSHOCK 1 are scarier, and I will agree those huge lumbering beasts clomping towards you while a little girl screams “Get him Mister Bubbles” is frightening. But I’ve always found the Big Sisters far more terrifying. It’s something about knowing they’re out there, hearing them scream as they approach, and not knowing where they will attack from. It really puts me on edge.




The setting sun is just another enemy to deal with. If you’re not afraid of the dark already, you will be after a few night time cycles of this one. And once the sun goes down these flesh eating zombie sons-a-bitches really get their dander up.

dying light



As far as the F.E.A.R. franchise goes, you never forget your first. As a member of a special forces team sent to deal with the mother of all paranormal infestations, you’ll find yourself taking on all manners of baddies. F.E.A.R. is a hell of a lot of action combined with a hell of a lot of… well… fear.

FEAR Combat Community 1



This one is full of mall walkers, and we’re not talking about those old folks who like to do laps as soon as the doors open. These mall walkers would love nothing more than to chomp on your brains like they were free samples outside the Wienerschnitzel in the food court. The game makes up for a lack of jump scares by providing a constant stream of anxiety inducing zombies.




They come out of nowhere and attack without warning. Mostly in a swarm and mostly in the dark… mostly. I remember playing a demo of this at E3 and being frightened out of my space pants. The story line is incredibly engaging, but you’ll find yourself hitting the pause button quite a bit just so you can catch your breath.



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