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10 Obscure Horror Films Now Streaming on Amazon Prime

Netflix and Hulu are great for contemporary releases. But I love Amazon Prime for the oddball and obscure horror titles that often appear out of nowhere. Check out these 10 lesser known but awesome horror films that are now streaming on Amazon Prime.


Gah! I love this movie! I just wish it got more acclaim. Dennis Hopper plays Johnny, a sailor on shore leave. At a carnival, he meets a strange but alluring woman named Mora. After falling madly in love with her, Johnny becomes convinced she is actually a mermaid who kills during cycles of the moon. The carnival and ocean imagery are breathtaking.




CAST A DEADLY SPELL is a wonderful noir-style horror film about a fictional universe where magic is real. Beasts work beside humans, zombies are lower class labor force, and dark magic spells are traded on the black market. Starring Fred Ward and Julienne Moore, this one never made it to DVD or Blu, so don’t miss it while it’s streaming on Amazon!




I can’t call this a “great” movie, but it is a fascinating and rare one! Mutants from hell somehow make their way into our world and terrorize a high school. What’s unique/campy is that each of the mutants is themed (Samurai mutant, Native American mutant, etc). This one is pure 80s style cheeziness with giant monsters and lots of neon ooze.




Directed by Albert Band (father of Full Moon’s legendary Charlie Band), I BURY THE LIVING is about a cemetery caretaker whose job includes designating grave sites for those still living. But as he plots someone’s grave, they immediately die a brutal death. The man becomes determined that he is in some way causing their demises. I BURY THE LIVING gets tense, and the production design is gorgeous.

I Burry The Living (1958)_011



MYSTICS is a supurb flick for those horror fans that are looking for a multi-cultural experience. It was originally banned in its native country of Indonesia, but was quickly bootlegged onto VHS and circulated around the globe as a cult film. A strange ghost/evil spirit tale, the paranormal entities are floating heads with all of their entrails still attached at the neck.



THE FURY (1978)

This Brian De Palma film features an all-star cast and a hell of a score preformed by the London Symphony Orchestra. A CIA agent is searching for his son who was kidnapped by a secret organization that suspects he has psychic abilities. The ending of this film is absolutely epic!



NOMADS (1986)

An anthropologist studying nomadic cultures discovers a group of “gutter punks”. He becomes fascinated with their transient existence and criminal activity, and ventures closer to the group only to discover that they are actually dangerous trickster spirits.




Though most horror fans know this Joe D’Amato classic as ANTHROPOPHAGUS, it is currently streaming on Amazon Prime under the alternative titling THE GRIM REAPER. This one made its way onto the notorious video nasties list of the 1980s for featuring a man eating his own intestines along with ample other carnage.



MADMAN (1982)

This summer camp slasher may seem like a FRIDAY THE 13TH knock-off (and it is), but it has some enjoyable moments and a great villain. Based off the Cropsey legend of New York, a group of campers summon a brutal ax-wielding unstoppable killing machine better known as Madman Marz.



ROCKULA (1990)

ROCKULA is not so much scary or brilliant, as it is just fun. Dean Cameron (Chainsaw from SUMMER SCHOOL) plays a 400-year-old vampire with a talent for rock-n-rolling.



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