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This New iPhone Came Pre-Loaded with the Most Horrifying Selfie EVER

Popular YouTube user Julian Cavalero got the shock of his life when he booted up his brand new iPhone and discovered his camera roll wasn’t empty, but contained a single shiver-inducing image:

Image Credit: Julian Cavalero via YouTube
Image Credit: Julian Cavalero via YouTube

The photo shown here — the origin of which has yet to be determined — depicts a young woman with pale, grayish skin and heavily bruised eyes, who may have been sleeping or unconscious when the picture was taken… but some viewers of Cavalero’s video below are speculating as to whether the woman might actually be dead.

In the video, Cavalero explains that he was unable to open up the thumbnail on his camera roll and get a closer look at the image.

Stranger still, when he took the phone back to the store, the staff couldn’t open or extract the image either, and not even a factory reset could remove the thumbnail.

Image Credit: Julian Cavalero via YouTube
Image Credit: Julian Cavalero via YouTube

Theories about the image, which range from skeptical (it’s all an elaborate hoax) to conspiratorial (the image depicts a murder victim, and was retained in the iCloud after the original was deleted by the murderer) to straight-up supernatural (the phone is haunted, yo), have helped boost Cavalero’s post to viral status, with over three million views as of this writing.

Until we learn the truth, speculation is all we’ve got… what’s your take on it?


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