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“Possessed” Boy Terrorizes Bus Passengers in This Horrifying Viral Stunt

Promoters have often gone to bizarre lengths to raise awareness for upcoming horror movies and TV shows among jaded audiences… but it seems like marketing stunts pulled off outside of the US are far and away the most extreme, pushing boundaries that most stateside promoters won’t touch (probably for fear of getting the crap sued out of them).

The following clip, which has recently been terrifying folks in Spanish-speaking countries, was created by a savvy team of filmmakers to promote the upcoming premiere of the new supernatural horror TV series OUTCAST [the first episode of which you can watch here] on the international network FOX+.

Image Credit: FOX+
Image Credit: FOX+

The clip seemingly contains security-camera footage of passengers boarding a bus in Chile, but ominous onscreen text reveals that these unwary travelers never reached their respective destinations after a horrifying incident — which the cameras allegedly captured in mid-journey.

After the driver stops to pick up a man and a young boy (whose identity is concealed, but who is apparently his son), the pair take seats at the back of the bus… but before long, they begin to exhibit unusual behavior.

The man begins to call out to the boy (whose name is heard as “Nacho”), who appears to be in the grip of some kind of convulsions, and asks his fellow passengers for help… but it’s unlikely they’re equipped to deal with what happens next.

While not originally available to US viewers, this clip was first brought to international attention via the UK Mirror, and it’s since been re-uploaded.

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