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5 Reasons To Upgrade And Pick Up MANHUNTER On Blu!

The legacy of Hannibal Lecter has come quite a long way from his original cinematic debut in Michael Mann’s way-ahead-of-its-time 1986 classic film. But thankfully, the rest of the world has caught up and fully embraced the characters and world created by esteemed author Thomas Harris.

When NBC’s HANNIBAL wrapped its third season last year, it marked the 3rd time that Harris’ novel RED DRAGON had been adapted cinematically.  But no matter what anyone else does with the material, it’ll always be compared to its original interpretation in MANHUNTER.

Multiple versions and releases of the film have been made available over the years.  Obviously, it came out on VHS; later, Anchor Bay Entertainment did a wonderful 2 disc limited edition collector’s set that not only included the theatrical cut, but for the first time, Mann’s extended “director’s cut;” and the movie has gotten a bare bones Blu-Ray release, both on its own and also as part of a “Hannibal 3-pack” featuring SILENCE OF THE LAMBS and Ridley Scott’s HANNIBAL.

But nothing compares to getting the Scream Factory “collector’s edition” treatment. And while most of you may already own a version of MANHUNTER, here are 5 reasons this Blu-Ray upgrade is worth your time!