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Dive Into Crypt TV’s Blood-Freezing New Short MARCO POLO!

Summer is closing in fast, but don’t head for the pool just yet… maybe you should start by watching MARCO POLO, a new short film from Crypt TV and director Chelsea Stardust, which may do for swimming pools what JAWS did for a dip in the ocean.

The tale is set in a suburban neighborhood, where swimming pools are being drained dry overnight for reasons unknown. A young couple, played by Matt Mercer (producer/star of CONTRACTED and its sequel) and Lisa Summerscales (star of Mickey Keating’s RITUAL), find one of the few remaining pools in the area still unaffected by the phenomenon — or so they think — and decide to go for an illicit midnight swim.

What could possibly go wrong?

“Back in the Midwest I grew up with a lake in my backyard, and anytime I went for a night (or day) swim I was always wondering if there was something sinister lurking in the water,” the director explains. “I also made a point to never wear goggles when I went swimming, because I was too scared to look down into the water, fearing I would discover a monster living in its depths. MARCO POLO was basically my way of working through this fear.”

Do you suffer from the same fear? Not sure? There’s an easy and (hopefully) safe way to find out… watch the film right now!