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Worst Dinner Parties Ever!

If you’ve seen the suspenseful thriller THE INVITATION, you know it involves an incredibly awful dinner party among friends. Dinner parties are horrifying alone, because they force one to socialize, pretend to be excited about your friends’ mundane life stories, and welcome whatever surprise meal the host is serving. So, it makes sense why the friendly get-together would make for the perfect setting of a horror movie. The environment is likely to have a thing or two go wrong or an argument ensue, especially when so many different personalities are clashing together in one room.


Friendly gatherings and parties have made up the plot to several fun and suspenseful horror films. The viewer is included in the mystery, presented the same clues as the characters, and prompted to guess what the end result will be. While these dinner parties can be fun to watch, they’re kind of terrible for the guests involved. Here are 10 of the worst dinner parties ever.