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Two Massive Tarantulas Terrorize Passengers on Transatlantic Flight

At first, nothing seemed out of the ordinary during an AirTransat flight from Dominican Republic to Montreal… that is, until passenger Catherine Moreau felt something tickling her leg.

Moreau told CBC she’d been watching a movie on her iPad when she brushed at what she thought was a cord or cable.

“That’s when I noticed the tarantula,” Moreau said.

But it turns out the giant spider wasn’t alone: there were two of the same species running loose on the plane.

Moreau quickly brushed the creature off of her leg, after which it climbed onto her 11-year-old daughter’s luggage. Her husband managed to scoop it up as the crew scrambled to find a bag to capture it.

As you can probably imagine, the passengers went nuts — some of them even stood on top of their seats, while flight attendants desperately tried to talk them down. The second spider was not captured until the plane finally landed at Montreal’s Trudeau Airport.

Entomologist Étienne Normandin told CBC that the stowaway spiders were likely of the species Phormictopus cancerides, which are commonly sold as pets. He theorizes they may have been smuggled aboard another passenger’s luggage.

Moreau (shown above) revealed to CBC that she is seeking compensation from AirTransat after the incident, which she claims so terrified her daughter that she continues to have nightmares. The airline is now working on updating their flight safety procedures to include rogue arachnids.

We’re assuming Samuel L. Jackson has not been approached for comment, since no snakes were involved.