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For once, the “boos” you hear aren’t coming from the ghosts in your attic, they’re coming from th Cannes Film Festival. This week on The Horror News Rundown we’re taking a look at the ambitious art house horror flicks that are dividing audiences at the most prestigious film festival in the world, and also giving you important updates on the upcoming installments in the PREDATOR, INSIDIOUS and DARK TOWER series… respectively (what a weird crossover that would be!).

Shane Black Drops New THE PREDATOR Info

The Predator Arnold Schwarzenegger

PREDATOR is one of the most beloved sci-fi/horror movies in history, but it’s fair to say that the franchise has hit the skids on more than one occasion. That’s probably why audiences are so pumped to see the next film in the series, THE PREDATOR, directed and co-written by Shane Black (IRON MAN 3), who also co-starred and did uncredited rewrites on the original film.

But we know very little about what we can expect from THE PREDATOR, at least until this week. Shane Black has been making the rounds, doing interviews to drum up publicity for his new crime comedy THE NICE GUYS (which is a great flick, by the way). I spoke to him myself in an interview for CraveOnline and got him to spill the beans on what we can expect from everyone’s favorite interstellar hunter.

For one thing, the title is not an accident. I asked Shane Black if there is a particular reason why this film is called “THE” PREDATOR, he said “There is a reference in the script as to why that makes sense but I’m not really supposed to talk about it.

In fact, he wasn’t allowed to talk about much at all, but there’s a reason for that. Black says, “You don’t want to change it up too much but you want something more said about it. You want another discovery, another mystery to solve that makes it fresh again.

So when I asked if that meant we’ll finally learn more about the Predator culture, and the aliens who aren’t necessarily going to different planets to hunt people for sport, he said, “It’s addressed in the movie.

Shane Black also clarified that THE PREDATOR will be “set in 2018, and that if Arnold [Schwarzenegger]’s in it – which I’m not allowed to discuss [laughs] – he would be old Arnold.

It’s worth noting that I didn’t even ask about Arnold Schwarzenegger, so it’s obviously something on Shane Black’s mind. Again, you can read the whole interview at CraveOnline.

Stephen King Drops a Big THE DARK TOWER Clue

Earlier this week, Stephen King tweeted a very big hint about what we can expect from THE DARK TOWER, Nikolaj Arcel’s upcoming motion picture adaptation of the author’s ambitious, serialized fantasy novels. Take a look.

If you have no idea what that means, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Fortunately that’s what the internet is here for. In a nutshell – SPOILER ALERT – the “Horn of the Eld” is an artifact that Roland, the gunslinger (played by Idris Elba) abandoned before the events of the first novel, but one that he eventually needed. There’s no need to get more specific than that right now.

Suffice it to say, the internet is now going wild with theories about what this image could mean. If Roland has the Horn of the Eld in the movies, it could signify that the films take place in a different version of the events of the novel, not by the contrivance of Hollywood adaptation but by a very specific design. This very detailed hypothesis at Birth Movies Death lays it all out for you better than I can, especially with the space limitations inherent to the Horror News Rundown.

In any case, Stephen King’s tweet is getting people talking about THE DARK TOWER, and in a way that inspires confidence instead of anxiety. That’s not just news. That’s good news.

INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 4 is in Your Future

We all knew INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 4 was coming, but writer Leigh Whannell and actress Lin Shaye announced it with playful style earlier this week with a new video, shot in the Blumhouse offices. Whannell will continue to write the series, but the directing duties will be taken over by Adam Robitel (THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN). The film will be released in theaters on October 10, 2017.

We don’t know exactly what to expect from INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 4, but it’s a safe bet that Lin Shaye is returning as the psychic Elise, and that Whannell and his co-star Angus Sampson will return as her guy Fridays, Specs and Tucker. The plot could tell a story of their early days together, battling ghosts shortly after the events of INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3, or it could finally get back to that big cliffhanger ending from INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2, which still hasn’t been resolved in any way, shape or form.

Suffice it to say, we eagerly await Further news.


WITCHFINDER GENERAL is (Finally?) Getting a Remake

The Witchfinder General
Most of the horror remakes we get nowadays are of enormously popular films, whose name-brand recognition is intended to help sell the new product to contemporary audiences. But sometimes it works a little differently. Sometimes filmmakers like Nicolas Winding Refn (DRIVE) decide to remake WITCHFINDER GENERAL, a brilliant but not very well-remembered horror drama starring Vincent Price.

The original film, directed by Michael Reeves, was based on the true story of Matthew Hopkins, a witch hunter who tortured his way through England in the mid-17th century. Vincent Price played the title character, who knew full well that none of his victims were witches but who profited off of their suffering all the same.

Deadline reports that Nicolas Winding Refn and producer Rupert Preston (MONSTERS) are now seeking writers and directors for the project, which they intend to make for between $5-10 million.

The news of any remake usually comes with mixed feelings, but if this upcoming remake steers new audiences in the direction of the original WITCHFINDER GENERAL (released in America as THE CONQUEROR WORM), then that will be a valuable service to both the film and the people who will finally discover it.

THE NEON DEMON Gets Booed at Cannes

Neon Demon
But all is not well for Nicolas Winding Refn. Or maybe it is. Frankly, it’s hard to tell based on the reaction to his glitzy new horror thriller THE NEON DEMON at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. According to attendees, the film was heckled and praised in equal measure. All par for the course from the man who gave us the critical darling DRIVE, and the largely reviled follow-up ONLY GOD FORGIVES.

THE NEON DEMON stars Elle Fanning as a young model whose beauty and youth make her especially appetizing to a group of women who hunger for those qualities. The film opens in America on June 24, when we’ll get to see it for ourselves and make our own decisions.

It’s worth pointing out that the Cannes Film Festival has a history of reacting in extremity to films that, sometimes, go on to become classics. Other films that have been booed at Cannes include Martin Scorsese’s TAXI DRIVER, David Lynch’s TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME, Lars Von Trier’s ANTICHRIST and Quentin Tarantino’s INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS.

PERSONAL SHOPPER Gets the Same Treatment

THE NEON DEMON isn’t the only horror movie getting a serious reaction at Cannes. PERSONAL SHOPPER, a supernatural drama that reunites Kristen Stewart and director Olivier Assayas after their acclaimed drama CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA, stars the former TWILIGHT lead as a high-priced personal shopper who tries to connect with the ghost of her recently deceased twin brother.

The trailer premiered this week and you can watch it above, and if you can figure out exactly what kind of movie this is you’re a better person than I. Even the title is off-putting. Is it a sad drama? A thriller? An extended metaphor?

Audiences at Cannes have been polarized, with reports coming in that PERSONAL SHOPPER was booed but also that it has received standing ovations.

Like THE NEON DEMON, we’ll just have to wait and see it for ourselves. The film will be released in France on October 19, 2016. The American release date has yet to be announced.

Ellen Page Will Explore the Post-Post-Apocalypse in THE THIRD WAVE

Ellen PageLots of movies, TV shows, comic books and video games have shown us what happens after the zombie apocalypse. But what happens after that? Ellen Page has signed on to star in an intriguing new thriller called THE THIRD WAVE which promises to explore that idea further.

Screen Daily reports that THE THIRD WAVE will be written and directed by David Freyne, and take place in a future where a zombie-like virus has been cured, but the survivors of the pandemic are “divided into those who were once infected, and committed terrible violent acts, and those who never contracted the virus.”

Ellen Page, who will soon be seen in the apocalyptic drama INTO THE FOREST, described THE THIRD WAVE (no relation to the alien invasion flick THE FIFTH WAVE) as “[bringing] brings an entire new perspective to the zombie genre, which I love.”

Let’s just hope we love it too!

Joe Hill’s TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE Reboot Lives! (Sort of!)

Tales from the Darkside Joe Hill
Joe Hill is a name that horror fans know well, and not just because he’s the son of Stephen King. Hill has made an important name for himself as a novelist and as the writer of the acclaimed comic book series LOCKE & KEY. And he was almost the writer of a TV reboot of the classic anthology series TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE, but his pitch never made it to the airwaves.

Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you won’t get Joe Hill’s TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE. You’ll just have to visualize it for yourself. The comic book publisher IDW announced earlier this year that they would release a TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE mini-series based on Joe Hill’s ideas for the TV series, written by Hill and illustrated by his LOCKE & KEY collaborator Gabriel Rodriguez… but that’s not all.

This week IDW also announced that they will publish Joe Hill’s screenplays for the series in TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE: SCRIPTS. The collection will be illustrated by Eisner Award-nominated artist Charles Paul Wilson III, and be released in October “wherever books are sold,” but the odds are exceptionally good that we’ll all just buy it online because that’s how the 21st century works.