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XYRENA Offers XHS: A Perfume That Comes in Collectible VHS Cases with Killer Cover Art!

The wave of retro-appreciation for VHS doesn’t seem to stop, and now, it’s about to head straight for your nose. The California-based fragrance company XYRENA has recently launched a line of unisex extriat de parfum called XHS to come housed in custom and collectible VHS clamshell cases. The XHS fragrance line comes complete with original full-color cover artwork inspired by the fragrance inside. The first five aromas include titles such as Cinemaniac, Pool Boy, Hellanut, Dark Ride, and Basic Bitch, the last of which pays homage to the iconic poster for the cult classic slasher MANIAC, one of XYRENA founder Killian Wells’ favorite pieces of poster art.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 12.00.09 PM

Three of the five XHS covers (Cinemaniac, Pool Boy and Basic Bitch) were created by artist extraordinaire Devon Whitehead (ADJUST YOUR TRACKING, HI-8). You can check out more of his outstanding illustration work on his Official Instagram.

The XHS line ranges in price from $38 – $72, depending on which fragrance you’d like to add to your collection. The entire line along with detailed images, full descriptions of the elements within the scent (or should that be VHScent?!) and the link to buy are all available on their official site.