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WALKING DEAD Creator Robert Kirkman Talks About His New Horror Series OUTCAST!

Robert Kirkman is well-known to horror fans as the creator of THE WALKING DEAD comic and TV show. On June 3rd, another one of his comic books is coming to television: OUTCAST.

The series stars Patrick Fugit (GONE GIRL) as Kyle Barnes, a man who has been plagued by demonic possession all his life. Philip Glenister plays Reverend Anderson, an evangelical Baptist preacher who believes he is a “soldier in God’s holy war against the forces of evil on Earth,” but doesn’t believe that God would “sweat the small stuff” — maybe so he doesn’t feel guilty about his excessive gambling and drinking. The two join forces to rid Barnes of his demons.

Kirkman recently did a Reddit AMA to promote OUTCAST. We waded through hundreds of questions about the season finale from pissed-off WALKING DEAD fans so you don’t have to, and pulled the best answers Kirkman had to offer.


On adapting OUTCAST:

“The OUTCAST show will not be a carbon copy [of the comic book]. Like TWD there will be scenes here and there that are adapted almost exactly but there is a LOT of new material in the series. I’d wager that there’s actually more new material because we don’t have 100+ comics to draw from. So because of that, reading the comic and watching the show will be a much more complete experience with a little less chance of one spoiling the other… There’s definitely a lot of [OUTCAST artist] Paul Azaceta’s mood that’s being translated for the show, which [comes] from Azaceta’s close working relationship with colorist Bettie Breitweiser on the book. I know a few of the directors kept copies of the comics with them for their episodes and used them to help them stage the shots.”

On religion in OUTCAST:

“The story has religious characters and non religious characters. I think it’s an accurate portrayal of people from that region and it’s not overly religion based, but a lot of the characters are religious and the main plot deals with a lot of things from religion.”

On the show’s casting:

“I think the cast is great. I say too many nice things about Patrick, more than he deserves, but everyone is great. Wrenn Schmidt [who plays Megan Holter] is awesome. At one point she totally said ‘that’s a fat bummer’ to me when I was complaining about something. And I’ve been dying to work that into dialogue somewhere ever [since]. I’ve never heard anyone say that before. Philip Glenister is my favorite kind of curmudgeon, in that he complains a lot, but doesn’t really mean it. I find that to be fun and endearing. And holy fucking hell I get to work with Reg E. Cathy [who plays Chief Byron Giles]! He’s sooo great. David Denman [who plays Mark Holter], also awesome. He has so many great Michael Bay stories. And I love Michael Bay.”

On taking OUTCAST to Cinemax:

“It’s going to be a much different show than Walking Dead for a lot of reason but having the restrictions of basic cable lifted off us is a big one. OUTCAST is a brutal show. At times… I even worry that we went too far… but that just makes me want to go further. Chris Black and the full team on the show are doing all kinds of boundary pushing insane stuff. Cinemax! It’s like HBOs cooler older brother.”

On how scary OUTCAST will be:

Very scary. It’s weird when you write something… you kind of know how the sausage is made. So I watch it and I’m thinking, ‘that turned out well’ or ‘I like how they staged that’ or ‘That actor is really kicking ass.’ But other people who have seen it say it’s terrifying. So I’ll take their word for it. It’s scary.”

On writing for Negan versus the Governor:

He prefers writing for Negan.

On THE WALKING DEAD season finale:

Kirkman liked it. He and showrunner Scott Gimple spent “many months going over exactly how to stage it and how to adapt that scene.” According to his AMA, “I do strongly believe that when you watch the season 7 premiere (if you do) you will see the two halves of the story and it will all make sense why we did what we did.”

On TWD’s Season 7 premiere:

“The premiere episode of season 7 is going to be hard on everyone… Rick especially.”

On the end of TWD:

He has the end planned out, but promises it won’t happen for a “long, looooong time.”