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THE SHINING is Now an Opera!

Last week saw the opening of a rather strange theatrical debut as the Minnesota Opera House began their run of THE SHINING OPERA. Stephen King’s book THE SHINING is a cornerstone of horror literature, and the Stanley Kubrick film adaptation is heralded by many of as canon horror cinema. So how did this strange marriage of secluded ax-wielding maniac and theater come about? The project is a collaboration piece from the Composer Paul Moravec and librettist Mark Campbell.


Moravec told NPR in a recent interview that he was fascinated by the “love, death and power” involved in the original tale. The collaborative duo reports that the hard part was securing the rights to adapt the Stephen King tale, but then also shrinking the 600 page tome down to a 2 hour stage production. Moravec states, “I think of the Overlook as sort of this gateway into hell. And when you finally see the ghosts appearing at the end of Act One, it’s as though the gates of hell open up and they come spilling out onto the stage.”


Critics seem to be really enjoying the show, and I must admit, it looks pretty amazing. Check out the Minnesota Opera House Website for photographs from the production, set renderings and costumes designs. You can also listen to some of the music from the show. The Minnesota Opera House reports that almost all seats are sold for the current theatrical run. There are a few remaining, but don’t wait to book your ticket, as the hype is spreading and seats are going fast.