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Helen Mirren to Star in Movie About the Haunted Winchester Mystery House

Deadline just announced that actress Helen Mirren is finishing up a deal to star in a feature film about the notorious Winchester Mystery House. Mirren will be playing Sarah Winchester, heir to the legendary Winchester rifle fortune who became convinced her home was haunted by the ghosts of everyone who ever died because of her family’s weapons.

She was told by a psychic that in order to combat the ghosts, she must continuously be constructing new additions and rooms onto her lavish mansion to confuse the ghosts causing them to get lost. Sarah had construction working around the clock, and the additions continued until she died in 1922. By the time of her death, the house boasted more than 120 rooms, stairways to no where, and many other architectural oddities. For the full story of the Winchester Mystery House and the supposed haunting, check out our more in depth coverage of the property and its history here.

We would be thrilled to see the queen of classy British leading ladies take on such an eccentric personality.