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Step Inside One of Australia’s New WOLF CREEK-Themed Bars… If You Dare!

Ever fancied dropping in for a pint at the WOLF CREEK Roadhouse to take in an Aussie ale and perhaps witness sadistic serial killer, Mick Taylor (John Jarratt), in his natural habitat? Well, that is what STAN, Australia’s version of Netflix, has aimed to do with their WOLF CREEK pop-up bars that have been hitting the shores of the great southern land.


These “fully-immersive” drinking holes-of-hell have been created to coincide with the release of  the new series that delves a little deeper into the disturbing world of Mick Taylor.

Director Greg McLean, who has thankfully returned for the series, has been quoted as saying that the show will be “Holy fucking shit-scary.” The foray takes place through the eyes of Eve (Lucy Fry), who plans to exact revenge on Mick after he brutally murders her family, and what is said to start out like an intense thriller (in comparison to the films) slowly erupts into the gory horror that fans of the franchise love and adore.

Alongside the film-inspired beverages and merchandise, the man of the hour, John Jarratt, will be making an appearance at the drinking spots during their brief tenure as well as Lucy Fry, so fans are sure to get the full “kit and caboodle” of all things WOLF CREEK.


Who knows, maybe they may even have a tiny “head-on-a-stick” to garnish your cocktail? Here’s hoping!

Unfortunately for those of us in other parts of the world, we will have to wait for details of an international release… and also hope that these bars will make it to other parts of the world. But antipodeans can start their binge on the May 12, when all episodes become available on STAN.