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From The Director Of OLDBOY, Check Out This Bold Teaser For THE HANDMAIDEN!

We’re big fans of director Chan-wook Park and the news that his latest film, THE HANDMAIDEN (aka MADEMOISELLE, aka Ah-ga-ssi), is premiering at Cannes meant we’d soon have a new trailer to gush over. And sure enough, the teaser is here and it’s frenetic, intriguing and bold! All of the director’s Alfred Hitchcock influence, including a fun little nod to the PSYCHO/BATES MOTEL “peephole” gag, are on full display here. Have a look!

Since this teaser is all style, let’s fill you in on the plot: The story follows a young Korean female pickpocket from the slums who is hired by a charming con man to join an elaborate scam by becoming the personal servant of a wealthy Japanese heiress to seduce her. It’s based on the English novel FINGERSMITH by Sarah Waters and according to the director, “It is the most unusual film out of my filmography.”

Quite a statement considering his previous films! For those of you looking to delve back into Park’s filmography, we strongly recommend SYMPATHY FOR MR. VENGEANCE, THIRST and his American language debut STOKER. And for those that love OLDBOY, there’s a new documentary which reflects on the making of Park’s most famous movie to date titled OLD DAYS, which just had its premiere at Cannes. Stay tuned for more details on that!

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Amazon Films produced THE HANDMAIDEN, so we’ll keep you posted on official release details after the Cannes premiere. In the meantime, have a gander at this series of character posters below.

the-handmaiden-park-chan-wook-1 the-handmaiden-park-chan-wook-2 the-handmaiden-park-chan-wook-3 the-handmaiden-park-chan-wook-4 the-handmaiden-park-chan-wook-5 the-handmaiden-park-chan-wook-6