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Something is Very, Very Wrong With… THE DOLL

Today’s creepypasta, which has gone through many interesting and spooky iterations over the past few years — particularly on 4chan’s paranormal board and various creepypasta discussion threads — actually began in a most ordinary way: with an unusual but thoughtful birthday gift from a man to his wife.

But there was nothing ordinary about the doll.

The anonymous source from whom this story originates wrote proudly of how delighted his spouse was with the gift. The fine craftsmanship, lifelike detail, hand-sewn dress, silken hair and delicate facial features of the doll seemed to captivate her.

Especially its eyes… its sparkling, crystalline blue eyes.

Image Credit: iStock/agencyby
Image Credit: iStock/agencyby

For several days, his wife couldn’t go far without stopping to pick up and examine the doll. She seemed almost mesmerized by its luminous beauty. Even at night, she kept the doll on her bedside table.

But in the weeks to follow, something changed.

Her feelings toward the doll were slowly shifting. No longer delighted by its presence, she spent less time looking at it, and moved it from the night table to a high bookshelf in the living room. That’s when he began to notice a definite change in her overall mood.

The couple had not been able to conceive children, and past attempts to adopt a child had gone badly… so the husband was apprehensive about her state of mind, especially where the doll was concerned.

Image Credit: iStock/Tamara Dragovic
Image Credit: iStock/Tamara Dragovic

At first, he attempted to gently coax her into explaining what was wrong, but she initially refused to admit it. But he pressed, becoming increasingly concerned about what was disturbing her, and if the doll had something to do with it.

At last, she broke down sobbing, and told him the truth: she was beginning to suspect that the doll was watching her… and she was convinced she saw its eyes move.

He wanted to comfort her, to assure her that no such thing was possible… but just to be sure, he took the doll down from the shelf and gave it a close examination.

He turned it over in his hands, looking for anything unusual, but it appeared to be in exactly the same state as when he first placed it in the gift box. He looked into the sparkling blue eyes, but they simply stared back blankly… nothing more than pretty orbs of glass.

Image Credit: iStock/Tamara Dragovic
Image Credit: iStock/Tamara Dragovic

He placed it back on the shelf and started to turn away when a tiny movement caught his attention. The eyes.

He blinked hard to clear his vision. Just a trick of the light, he thought. Still, something inside him compelled him to take the doll from the shelf again and look closer.

He stared deeply into those big blue eyes… and this time he saw movement.

Image Credit: iStock/Stephanie Connell
Image Credit: iStock/Stephanie Connell

But it wasn’t the eyes themselves which moved. It was something behind them.

He strained to see closer… and that’s when the eye popped out. Behind it, a dozen maggots tumbled out of the socket and onto his hand.

Horrified, the man dropped the doll and stumbled backward, reflexively shaking the tiny larvae from his skin, shuddering with disgust. He might even have cried out in surprise, but he couldn’t quite remember.

Finally, he worked up the nerve to pick up the doll, holding it with tissue to keep from touching the wriggling creatures on its face. He cleaned it off, and looked deeper into the socket, into the hollow of the doll’s head.

Image Credit: Tim Vickers
Image Credit: Tim Vickers

There were hundreds more maggots writhing inside.

Having heard him drop the doll and stumble, his wife called out from the next room to ask if everything was okay. Quickly calming himself, he responded in as level a voice as he could muster, telling her everything was fine.

Finally convinced she wasn’t going to enter the living room and witness what he’d just seen, the man quickly bundled up the doll in a trash bag and surreptitiously disposed of it in one of the waste bins just outside the house.

His nervousness faded, replaced by a feeling of intense disappointment.

The next one will be different, he told himself. I’ll keep it alive at first. That way it will last longer.

Image Credit: iStock/aquablue24
Image Credit: iStock/aquablue24

His thoughts immediately turned to Katie, the young daughter of their neighbor down the street. He remembered how much his wife loved the girl’s curly blonde locks.

Doesn’t Katie have blue eyes too? The man wondered.