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Keep Scaring ‘Em Dead! Five Vicious VAULT OF HORROR Covers

Last week, we brought you five of the most frightening TALES FROM THE CRYPT covers and it seems that some of you AXED for more! Get it? Axed? Like how the Crypt Keeper always did those wordplay jokes? On the show?

Maybe I’ll leave the jokes to the professionals.

Today we’ll be looking at some great covers from VAULT OF HORROR. One thing that has always interested me about VAULT OF HORROR is how the stories were darker than the ones in TALES FROM THE CRYPT. TALES always had a sense of whimsy to it, where VAULT was straight up freaky. This is represented in the covers as well – where the TALES covers have a cartoonish glee to them, VAULT OF HORROR’s covers are sometimes almost too real in their depictions of evil.

Without any more blah blah blah from me, here are five of their most vicious, most insane, and most terrifying covers from THE VAULT OF HORROR!

*Photos: EC Comics