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The Time Traveling Hipster and Other Possible Examples of Real Time Travel

Father Ernetti’s Chronovisor

Father Pellegrino Ernetti was a Benedictine priest, exorcist and supposed inventor of a time travel device known as the Chronovisor. In the book FATHER ERNETTI’S CHRONOVISOR: THE CREATION AND DISAPPEARANCE OF THE WORLD’S FIRST TIME MACHINE, Father Ernetti claims to have traveled back in time to see Christ dying on the cross, attended a play by Roman playwright Quintus Ennius, and dropped in to hear Napoleon give a speech. The Chronovisor mysteriously disappeared not long after Father Ernetti’s death in 1994.



Charlie Chaplin’s Cell Phone

This internet urban legend was discovered after the DVD release of Charlie Chaplin’s THE CIRCUS in 2004. Shot in 1928, there is a brief scene in the movie which features a woman walking across the screen holding what appears to be a cell phone up to her ear. Judging by her demeanor it’s possible she was dropped in the wrong spot and is calling for someone to get her out before she is discovered walking in front of a legendary director’s camera.



John Titor: Soldier From the Future

In 2000, John Titor began posting on internet message boards that he was a soldier from 2036 sent back in time to fix software bugs that were wreaking havoc on computers in the future. Titor made other more severe claims as well, including that a World War will escalate only to end with Russia dropping a nuclear bomb on the United States, China, and Europe. As proof of his claim, Titor offered up several pictures of his time travel vehicle as well as the specs on how to make one. A few months later, Titor had cleaned up the computer bugs he was sent here to work on and returned to the future, never to be heard from again.



Time Traveling Hipster

This photo from 1941 has been running around the internet for several years. In it a man stands amongst a crowd of onlookers, his garb completely out of place. Although he appears shabbily dressed for the time, one could see him fitting in nicely somewhere like Silver Lake in Los Angeles or in Brooklyn’s hipster enclave of Williamsburg.

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Darren Daulton

Former catcher for the Philadelphia Phillies and Florida Marlins Darren Daulton has claimed on several occasions to have found a way to travel to the future through the use of metaphysics. Darren’s claim is that he can detect the vibrations emanating from the objects around him and thus manipulate not only objects but also the weather, again using only these vibrations. His knowledge of metaphysics also makes it possible for him to travel into the future every night when he sleeps. It should be noted that Darren has had several alcohol related arrests.



The Time Traveling Punk Rocker

This photo from 1905 looks to be of a steamship unloading its contents of bananas. However, right in the middle of it appears to be a mohawk sporting gentlemen who doesn’t appear dressed for the period. My guess is that he walked out of the wrong door at a GBH show and found himself in the wrong time period. Instead of losing his shit over it, he did what any punk rocker would do when faced with a similar situation- he went to work on a steamship.