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‘80s Synth Artists Battle a Comet in ADULT SWIM’s Totally Deranged LIVE AT THE NECROPOLIS

There’s probably nothing I can say to make sense of the following clip, other than it’s the latest masterpiece of WTF from the twisted minds behind Adult Swim’s nightmare-inducing “infomercial” content — which has previously included the viral explosions TOO MANY COOKS, UNEDITED FOOTAGE OF A BEAR, and THIS HOUSE HAS PEOPLE IN IT.

Image Credit: Adult Swim
Image Credit: Adult Swim

If you aren’t familiar with those titles, you can check out our previous coverage here… but that’s still not gonna help you sort out what you’re about to see.

Image Credit: Adult Swim
Image Credit: Adult Swim

Unless, of course, you’re a hardcore fan of vintage-era electronic music, including genre-friendly composers like Vangelis (BLADE RUNNER), Georgio Moroder (CAT PEOPLE), Tangerine Dream (THE KEEP) or Wendy Carlos (THE SHINING). If you are, then the following 11 minutes are exactly what you need to watch today.

Everyone else… well, what can I say? Uh… I’m sorry?


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