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Scare ‘Em Dead! Five Frightening TALES FROM THE CRYPT Covers

TALES FROM THE CRYPT is coming back to TV, and we’re all hopeful that they can recapture the magic of the last series. Obviously, being in TNT, the show won’t be able to be as nasty as it was on HBO, but that doesn’t mean they can’t tell some fantastic stories. Fingers crossed!

It is hard to imagine a world without TALES FROM THE CRYPT. Would Stephen King have become a writer without the comics? Would Peter Jackson have gotten the chance to make LORD OF THE RINGS without the TV series and movies (FRIGHTENERS was originally going to be a TALES FROM THE CRYPT movie)? What would horror be without the works of William Gaines, Al Feldstein, Jack Davis, Wally Wood, Marie Severin and countless others? We owe them all a great deal of our nightmares.

So it is that, to celebrate the coming of a new series, and an endless love for what has come before, that I offer to you five of the greatest, goriest, gooiest covers of TALES FROM THE CRYPT…

*Photos: EC Comics