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Nothing Can Prepare You For The Sounds Of GRINDMOTHER!

This is just too much fun not to share! We just stumbled upon the Bandcamp page for the grindcore outfit GRINDMOTHER, which features the most unlikely of angry lead singers. A 67 year old Canadian woman who goes by the moniker of “Grindmother.”

NPR got the full scoop on the band who just put out their debut full length album “Age Of Destruction” last week. The band is the brainchild of lead guitarist Rain Forrest who describes the 3-piece (rounded out by drummer Tyson Apex) as “a hybrid between punk and metal. Just brutal and extreme.”

In terms of how his mother became the lead singer of the project, Rain explains, “One day she was over, we were just having a coffee,” he says. “And I had the recording stuff set up for my own band, so I just said, ‘You feel like going upstairs and trying a couple of screams?’ And she said, ‘Yeah, sure!'” Obviously, their stage names are not their real identities, but it’s amazing to hear about this unlikely collaboration. And without further ado, check out the music video for “Age Of Destruction,” followed by an interview with “The Grindmother!”

The 10 track debut album from GRINDMOTHER “Age Of Destruction” is available now for purchase on Bandcamp right here.