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Hear The PSYCHO Theme Played On Piano… With Knives!

When you think of famous horror themes for classic genre movies, you can’t get more famous than Bernard Herrmann’s indelible music for Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 masterpiece, PSYCHO. Whether you’ve seen the movie or not, as soon as you hear those first few notes, you know exactly what it’s from.

And those screeching violins? Often elicit chills and flashbacks of the shower scene.

So it’s always fun and welcome to see various talented musicians tackle these themes and represent them in new, unique ways. Case in point, the great Joachim Horsley. Below, you can watch him rock the hell out of Herrmann’s PSYCHO theme on piano… and with a pair of knives!

This track is available on Horsley’s album “Joachim Horsley Was Dead the Whole Time,” available right here on iTunes. Be sure to subscribe to his You Tube channel as well for more videos like the one above!