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Elric Kane’s 5 Favorite Episodes of KILLER POV

Three years of Killer POV podcasting, and it all comes down to this. Five episodes to single out as “favorites” and to hell with the other 135 episodes. First, it’s important to note that I don’t listen back after we tape them, so these picks are from inside the show, how they felt, how engaged I was and which ones I still think about.

I want to mention a few episodes that don’t quite make the list but feel significant. My favorite moment / decision of our time doing the show was inviting one of our listeners, Aaron Dries, to co-host our 100th episode live at Texas Frightmare. Aaron (a great novelist in his own right) had come all the way from Australia and instead of landing a big convention guest to interview we decided to have a conversation with a listener and now, friend. This felt like the essence of what we tried to achieve on the show, a conversation about horror with friends.

For new listeners looking for a starting point I would recommend Episode #68 Our Top 10 Horror films of all time and episode #62 The Non-Horror episode where we discuss our ten favorite films outside of the horror genre. This may seem strange for a horror podcast but this may be the most revealing episode of all in terms of our distinct taste and personalities and how that impacts our approach to the genre.

Finally, the hardest episode to tape wasn’t our finale but instead Episode #116 which was a tribute to the recently closed Jumpcut Cafe (A Cafe/ Film venue I owned and ran for 3 years) which coincided with the death of Wes Craven. It was a weird, sad moment to be taping a show but “The Show is FAMILY” and it really helped get through a dark moment by reliving all the great experiences we’d had there and from Craven’s films.

Now without further blathering, the countdown of my ‘Top 5 Favorite Killer POV Episodes’ :

#5. Episode #31 United States of Horror! (Regional Horror) with Cinefamily film programmers Phil Blankenship, Tom Fitzgerald, and Bret Berg.

The Cinefamily is a great revival house for cinefiles in LA. Every Halloween they plan incredible screenings for the entire month of October. When we taped this episode they had programmed a 30 film state-by-state tour of America through the horror films made in each one. As a huge fan of the book ‘Nightmare USA’ by Stephen Thrower, this topic of regional US horror is one of my favorite topics and our discussion delved into many obscure titles as well as the importance of Midnight movies and film programming. A must for the Horror fan who thinks they’ve seen it all.


#4. Episode #75 Producing with Travis Stevens

I love learning new shit. I’ve spent my entire adult life reading books on filmmakers, filmmaking and horror films. Save your time and just spend two hours with a producer in the filmmaking trenches telling it like it is and what it takes to get it done. Travis is on a tear producing some of my favorite films (CHEAP THRILLS, STARRY EYES) and taking bold risks on new talent and truly independent filmmakers. A must for filmmakers!


#3. Episode #81: It’s Halloween! With Larry Fessenden & Glenn McQuaid (Cover photo)

The Killer POV hosts disagree on many things, but Larry Fessenden isn’t one of them. Probably our most sought after guest (he & his Glass Eye Pix are based in NY) and he didn’t disappoint. He and fellow ‘Tales from Beyond the Pale’ alum, filmmaker Glenn McQuaid joined us for our Halloween episode and we reverted to kids being told campfire tales. There’s no better feeling hosting a show than relinquishing the control to the guests and becoming the audience, and that’s what this episode is. If you’ve never seen his film, HABIT, start there and then proceed directly to this episode.


#2.  Episode #46 The Debates! Defending universally panned movies aka Drunken Debates. With Dave Parker, Mike Williamson and Brian Collins.

Hands down the most fun I’ve had on the show, and hands down the most lit up we ever got on air. With some of our good friends/ filmmaker/ critic/ curators, we delved into defending movies we loved that the world did not. And it gets UGLY. Both in terms of film selections (THE MANGLER, PHANTOMS, BLAIR WITCH 2, and FREDDY’S DEAD!) and sound quality as we increasingly slur, shout over each other and divide off into side arguments. For those true POV pioneers this is our crowning glory. What it means to be a true horror lover and drunk. For those with good taste and a delicate ear it is a disaster. Our most polarizing episode, best experienced with a bottle of Jameson’s.


#1. Ep 93: Beyond the Beyond with Bob Murawski

Oscar winning editor & Grindhouse Releasing co-creator Bob Murawski was a glorious guest. From his stories of collaborating with Sam Raimi to saving the nearly lost gangster masterpiece ‘Gone with the Pope’ and the mythic revelation of a script for the sequel to Fulci’s ‘The Beyond’, now lost in the further, titled ‘Beyond the Beyond’. This is the kind of show that keeps me going. Bob’s stories from releasing small Grindhouse titles contrasted by his stories editing on major Hollywood studio films sums up the spirit of the show. Folks with eclectic taste, a passion for horror and movies that we devote our lives to investigating the weird corners of cinema for something different, something spooky and, most importantly, something to share.


Happy Listening!!