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Will There FINALLY Be an Official Slender Man Movie?

We’re approaching this story with cautious optimism, considering that there have already been more than a few failed attempts to bring the most infamous creepypasta character of all time to the big screen.

If you’re wondering what the hell we’re talking about, first be sure to check out our introduction to the entire creepypasta phenomenon, in which we provide some background on this spooky viral enigma and his many terrifying brethren.

Assuming you now have that knowledge under your hat, let’s jump to a story that broke last night at, to whom an unnamed source has confirmed that production company Screen Gems (the studio behind the RESIDENT EVIL, HOSTEL and UNDERWORLD film franchises, as well as THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE and THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES) is now moving forward on development of a feature film based on the Slender Man legend.

The article references Slender Man’s “creator” Eric Knudsen, who back in 2009 posted the first doctored images of the ominous, faceless figure to an image forum on the comedy site Something Awful. As the presumptive owner of the property rights to the character, it’s possible he’s involved in some stage of the film’s development. states that the yet-untitled Slender Man screenplay by David Birke (13 SINS) is now complete, and that the project is slated to go before the cameras this fall, with an eye on a 2017 release. As of this writing, a director has not been announced.

Irene Taylor Brodsky’s feature-length documentary BEWARE THE SLENDERMAN, about a real-life crime “inspired” by this internet boogeyman, premiered this year at South By Southwest, and is headed to HBO’s cable and digital platforms later this year.

More details to come, so stay tuned!


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