The 13th Floor Exclusive Clip From SCHERZO DIABOLICO!

Writer/director Adrián García Bogliano has been making quite a name for himself within the horror genre these past few years. If you’ve been keeping your thumb on the pulse of good indie horror, then you may have caught one of his earlier films, COLD SWEAT or HERE COMES THE DEVIL. He also had a segment in the first ABC’S OF DEATH anthology. But one of our personal favorites here at was his take on werewolves with LATE PHASES. Today, his latest film SCHERZO DIABOLICO (roughly translated to “Fiendish Joke”) is available both on VOD and on DVD courtesy of Dark Sky Films and we’ve got an exclusive clip for you!

In SCHERZO DIABOLICO, a bored, mild mannered accountant passively skates through life despite despising his job and constantly being berated by his wife. When he’s passed over for a promotion at work, he finally breaks and decides to kidnap a schoolgirl and hold her hostage in an abandoned warehouse. But as can be expected, things don’t go according to plan! In the clip below, we get a glimpse of his victim’s impending anger.

And while we’re at it, you can check out the full trailer below as well.

SCHERZO DIABOLICO was an Official Selection at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, Sitges Film Festival and other major events. Patrick Cooper of Bloody Disgusting called it “a morbid tale of deception and ambition that plays out like classical tragedy.” Fangoria’s Madeleine Koestner called it “a psychological rollercoaster of depravity and adventurous ideas,” while Adam Patterson of Film Pulse said it is “Bogliano’s best film yet.” It’s now available on DVD and VOD.

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