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Legions of Horrific Alien Creatures Found Near Undersea Volcanoes

We’re always simultaneously horrified and delighted to learn about the discovery of new monstrous creatures on this planet we share — and more often than not, the scariest of them seem to come from Australia (for example, this giant spider named “Brian”) or from the blackest depths of the world’s oceans (like… whatever the hell this thing is).

But a recent discovery points to a horrifying combination of both: in the waters just off the coast of Sydney, not far from one of the world’s most popular beaches, scientists have photographed marine monstrosities that seem less like the product of nature and more like the stuff of artist H.R. Giger’s nightmares.

Image Credit: CSIRO News
Image Credit: CSIRO News

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) recently conducted a deep-sea research mission roughly 300 miles off the shores of New South Wales, Australia, where several species of extraterrestrial-looking creatures were found near a string of 500 million-year-old inactive undersea volcanoes.

Image Credit: Marine National Facility
Image Credit: Marine National Facility

The photos taken by the team revealed organisms that look a lot like miniature versions of each stage in the life-cycle of the ALIEN xenomorph — including a micro-facehugger and a tiny, toothy chestburster.

Image Credit: CSIRO News
Image Credit: CSIRO News

According to CSIRO, the volcanic cluster and its creepy inhabitants were discovered entirely by accident, during a mapping survey by a robotic drone called the RV Investigator.


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