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Kayako From THE GRUDGE Has An Instagram Account

Here at the offices, we’re huge fans of Japanese horror and in particular, both the original THE RING and THE GRUDGE franchises. So naturally, like a lot of you out there, we’re beyond excited for this summer’s showdown between their lead specters. SADAKO VS KAYAKO opens in Japan on June 18th, and we’ve already gotten a teaser trailer and the full theatrical trailer. No word yet on a US release date, but here’s a bit of fun marketing that’ll tide you over until we get those details.

It appears that Kayako from THE GRUDGE now has an Instagram account. And it’s pretty much our favorite thing on the internet right now. Granted, it’s all in Japanese, but if you go directly to the IG page via Google, you’ll probably be prompted to translate the page. And the results are genius! Here’s a handful of pics from the account below.

A゛a゛a゛a゛a Bu (♥ began instant)

A゛a゛a゛a゛a゛(Good morning)

Oh “Oh” Oh “Oh” Oh “(laundry dries well today)

A゛a゛a゛a゛a Bu (carrots hate)

A゛a゛a゛a゛a Bu (have been preview the venue of Makai-spiritual world Summit)

A゛a゛a゛a゛a Bu (finally Hanami weather)

A゛a゛a゛a゛a Bu (… growing?) # A゛a゛a゛a゛a Bu # meow  # uncertain Ya