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6 More Chilling Flicks You Likely Don’t Know Are on Netflix

Last week, I discussed how Netflix has some strange genre filing methods that lead the site to bury horror-ish movies (like THE OTHERS) under other genres. Read all about it and my prior movie selections.

Here are another 6 flicks that definitely cross the genre lines into horror. Yet, for some reason, these films are not listed under the horror section. All are awesome and should not be missed by genre fans simply because of a weird labeling snafu. Enjoy!




Horror fans have long heralded this noir-esque voodoo-laden mystery as horror classic. Yet Netflix has it placed under the “20th Century Period Pieces” heading. Mickey Rouke plays a private is investigator hired to track down an old singer who is thought to be dead. This film is just plain amazing!!



BATTLE ROYALE (2000) (cover photo above)

Placed under “Asian Action Films” on Netflix, this is another flick that horror fans have long embraced. The sequel is also on Netflix streaming. In a futuristic society, a group of school children must battle to the death on an island.




STIR OF ECHOS is listed under “Psychological Thrillers”, but this Kevin Bacon pic penned by acclaimed horror writer Richard Matheson uses a spooky type of hypnosis to tease out a supernatural crime story. Definitely horror.




Placed under “International Dramas”, this title played multiple horror film festivals on the year of its release. But it is not 100% a horror film, nor is it a drama. I’d be inclined to call it a twisted black comedy, but horror fans will still absolutely love it. A serial child murderer is on the loose, and a rogue cop (the father of the latest victim), and the main suspect team up to hunt the real killer.




Listed under “Crime Thrillers”, I SAW THE DEVIL is a heavy, twisted Korean revenge/torture flick that is guaranteed to shock even veteran genre fans.




This one is admittedly a “drama”, which is where Netflix has it placed. Yet, I feel this movie is the closest thing you can have to a serial killer movie without him actually crossing the line and killing someone. Or maybe he does kill someone. The movie alludes to it enough. Really- just watch it! It is a fascinating and tense character study into a truly twisted mind, and the film disturbed me far more than a lot of true horror films.