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Terrifying! Watch What Molten Copper Will Do To A Gummy Bear

Look – I love candy. I mean, freakin’ love it. We have a pumpkin candy basket filled to the brim with sugary goodies in my apartment all year ’round because as an adult, I can totally do that. And although I’m a chocolate enthusiast, Gummy Bears have to be my absolute favorite. And although gummy bears are my absolute favorite, I’ve rarely indulged in a 5 pound Gummy Bear. I’m much more content cramming a handful of the regular sized suckers into my mouth in one shot. But knowing my love of gummy candy, my buddy Mike Gilmore sent over the following video. If anything, to gross me out about what I’m putting into my body.

The following is a video collaboration between Tito4re, a You Tube channel that specializes in melting things with molten copper, and WrecklessEating. Below, they cut a hole in a 5 pound cherry flavored Gummy Bear and pour molten copper into it. The results are terrifying. If anything, because this is the substance we’ve been putting in our stomachs for years.

I’m sure normal sized gummy bears would fare much worse at the pour of some hot liquid copper, but you never know? This still doesn’t deter me from wanting to take a giant bite out of a 5 pound Gummy Bear!