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There Are No Wolves in The Stillwood — So What Happened to Little David Bradley?

This short, sharp and shocking creepypasta is attributed to someone named “Josef K,” who claims to be a long-time resident of Ichor Falls in Mason County, West Virginia, at the edge of a small but dense forest known to locals as “The Stillwood.”

Josef prefaced his tale by citing surveys from the National Forestry Service, which state that the gray wolf, which once roamed the Virginia wilds centuries ago, has been presumed extinct, and no wolves of any kind have been sighted in that region since 1900.

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If you ask the old-timers, they’ll also tell you “There are no wolves in the Stillwood.”

So why does Josef bother to point this out? And why does he say that long-time residents of Ichor Falls avoid visiting the woods at night?

It started with out-of-town hikers and campers visiting the Stillwood in recent years, who have begun reporting incidents of “large predators” lurking in the forest, just out of sight. When they report these sightings to Animal Control, they get the same answer every time:

“There are no wolves in the Stillwood.”

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Then came the reports of local people’s pets disappearing into the woods and never returning… or worse, being found dead days later, their bodies torn limb from limb, the carcasses stripped of flesh.

Finally, the Bradley family came to live near Ichor Falls… and not long before they settled into their new home, their young son David went missing from their backyard.

Despite an intensive search of the woods and surrounding area, the Bradley family, police and local volunteers could find no trace of David — apart from a few blood-stained scraps of the jacket he was wearing when he vanished.


The authorities treated the case as a kidnapping, and not an animal attack… because, as the locals will continue to tell you, “there are no wolves in the Stillwood.”

Josef K will tell you the same thing… but he still keeps his doors and windows secured at night, and never so much as glances toward the depths of the woods after sunset.

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He never says exactly why, but concludes with the following cryptic warning:

Should you somehow find yourself walking near or through the woods some evening, head home as quick as you can. Try to ignore the sounds of the night wind, howling as it does… it will only make your imagination run wild, after all. And should you see what cannot be polychrome eyes, shining through the mists from the underbrush or somehow in the branches above, should you be blessed enough to make it safely home, take what comfort you can in this thought:


There are no wolves in the Stillwood.