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Five Horror Movies That Deserve the Criterion Treatment

In the world of home video distribution, there is The Criterion Collection and then there is everyone else. The venerable institution has helped define the very concept of a special edition, with groundbreaking LaserDiscs (remember those?) that solidified the commentary track as the most indispensable special feature, and helped elaborate on the artistic process of filmmaking as well as the invaluable cultural context that sometimes get lost as our greatest films become a part of history.

And to their credit, The Criterion Collection has never ignored the horror genre, although it makes up only a small part of their overall output. Indispensable editions of classic and influential horror films like ISLAND OF LOST SOULS, THE UNINVITED, EYES WITHOUT A FACE and PEEPING TOM belong in every horror movie lover’s collection. But there’s a reason the Criterion Collection keeps going, releasing new and exciting high-definition remasters of classic art house films every single month: there are always more obscure films to introduce to a larger audience, and even more classic films that deserve the grandest presentation possible.

With that in mind, we now present our picks for five films that definitely deserve the Criterion treatment. All of them are excellent films, influential and/or artistically significant. They all warrant closer artistic analysis and a high quality restoration on Blu-ray. And unlike a lot of other horror classics, none of them have received a genuinely excellent home video release so far.

Criterion, we challenge you to make these Blu-rays happen. The world deserves them.