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Ever Wanted To Wear An ALIEN Xenomorph Ring? Now You Can!

Today is officially ALIEN DAY! And it’s been a blast seeing everyone across our social media pages celebrate by posting their favorite xenomorph poses. We’ve been getting in on the fun with some of our editorial. Yesterday, we looked at the coolest collectibles coming out today for ALIEN DAY. Earlier today, Greg analyzed and made a valid argument that the original ALIEN might be a “slasher” film in space!

But for those of you that are looking to buy something ALIEN-related that’s cool and affordable, might we recommend some of these fun ALIEN and PREDATOR related items from the fine fiends at StandOutDistrict?

You can be the envy of your Sci-Fi friends with the epic ALIEN ring, pictured above. Or maybe you want an ALIEN shaped key chain? Or necklace?


Maybe this PRED-ALIEN ring is more your style? Or perhaps you just want a bad-ass Giger-style xenomorph pen cap! They’ve for those too.


Just about everything you’ll find over on StandOutDistrict that is ALIEN or PREDATOR related, you can pick up for under $20 bucks. Have a look!