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This Chilling Short Will Make You Think Twice About Using Snapchat

Alex J. Mann’s short film 3 SECONDS takes a familiar urban legend — the tale of the unseen home invader playing macabre pranks on a disoriented victim — and updates it for the modern age with a spooky and surreal twist.


Allison Raskin wordlessly portrays a young woman whose sleep is interrupted by an unwanted Snapchat session which goes from confusing to terrifying… and then takes the inherent creepiness of that situation to a bizarre new level.

3 SECONDS is the latest in a series of projects from Space Oddity Films, whose goal is to create tales which utilize modern media applications to “explore technology’s impact on culture and how that relationship will shape our future.” Other films include the Instagram-themed horror short FOLLOWER, Gchat-themed thriller GREEN DOT, and the Fitbit-themed psychodrama RUNNERS, with more to come.

You can watch their full catalog of short films on their official site, Facebook page and YouTube channel.