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The Most Must-Own Collectibles Coming Out On ALIEN Day

Whether it’s National Cat Day or National Corn Dog Day, it seems like every day has been turned into its own little mini celebration of SOMETHING. But very rarely do movies get their own days, with Star Wars Day (May 4th) being the only notable exception. Well, it WAS the only notable exception, but that all changes this year. Specifically, that all changes on Tuesday, April 26th.

As announced last month, 20th Century Fox will be launching the first ever ALIEN DAY on April 26th (that’s tomorrow!), and it’s being billed as a global celebration of the ALIEN franchise. The day will be marked by all sorts of special festivities and product releases, not the least of which is a 20-city double feature re-release of ALIEN and ALIENS – at the screening of ALIENS at New York City venue The Town Hall, we must point out, Sigourney Weaver will be in attendance!

Whether you plan on staying home or venturing out of the house on ALIEN DAY, it promises to be the coolest day ever for fans of the franchise, and we cannot wait. It’s rare that our favorite horror movies get THIS much love, and we can only hope it becomes an annual fan event.

While we wait, here are the must-own collectibles headed our way on ALIEN DAY!

Alien Day 1
Those who collect NECA’s ever-expanding line of ALIEN toys will be excited to learn that the company is releasing a very special action figure of badass heroine Ellen Ripley on ALIEN DAY, which is directly based on the Ripley toy that Kenner put out back in the early ’90s. The figure will be exclusively available through Toys R Us and Hastings, both in-store and online.

Also as part of the 24-hour celebration, NECA will be unveiling their upcoming action figures of ALIENS characters Rebecca “Newt” Jordan and Jenette Vasquez. Those two toys, the firsts for both characters, don’t yet have a release date, but we can expect to get our first look at them on ALIEN DAY.

Alien Day 2
Originally shown off at Toy Fair earlier this year, Funko will be releasing a ReAction Figure three-pack on ALIEN DAY that includes Ripley, the Xenomorph Queen, and the iconic Power Loader. The ALIEN series was the one responsible for kicking off Funko’s ReAction Figure line, which now includes countless movies and television properties, and these are the very first retro-style toys based on the sequel. No word yet on whether or not other characters from ALIENS will get the ReAction treatment.

Alien Day 3
Super7, the company that first gave birth to the ReAction line and eventually partnered with Funko to expand it, will also be celebrating the inaugural ALIEN DAY with new collectible offerings. Housed in an exclusive black Japanese window box, a ReAction Figure three-pack of Kane, Lambert and Dallas will be released, along with a vinyl carrying case built to hold 24 ReAction Figures. The case, adorned with ALIEN art, comes with an exclusive glow-in-the-dark Xenomorph toy.

Alien Day 4
A vinyl figure of the Queen Alien, in “molten silver gray,” is also on Super7’s ALIEN DAY release slate, as is a series of blind box mini-figures inspired by the M.U.S.C.L.E. toy line of the ’80s. The various mini-figs include all major human characters, different variations of the Alien, and a Xenomorph egg.

Alien Day 5
Easily the coolest thing happening on ALIEN DAY is the release of exact replicas of the “Alien Stompers” worn by Sigourney Weaver in ALIENS, which were created by Reebok for the film. The limited edition shoes, which will be available in high-top and mid-top styles, will be selling for $175 per pair. You’ll find them in select Reebok stores, as well as on the Reebok website. We can be pretty sure these will sell out in record time, as these shoes haven’t been made available to the public in nearly 30 years, so be sure to get up bright and early on Tuesday morning if you’re looking to snag them.

Alien Day 6
Two years after the release of the film, Dark Horse launched its ALIENS comic book series, which was at the time intended to be a sequel to James Cameron’s film – though it was rendered non-canonical by ALIEN 3. On ALIEN DAY, Dark Horse will be releasing a 30th anniversary hardcover book that collects together the original six issues in the ALIENS mini-series, originally published in 1988 and 1989, and it will also include the short stories “Theory of Alien Propagation” (1988) and “Aliens: Lucky” (1996).

On a related note, Dark Horse and DC have partnered for ALIEN DAY to re-release the BATMAN VS. ALIEN comics for the first time in over a decade.

Alien Day 7
On the wearables front, Fright Rags joins forces with 20th Century Fox for a gorgeous limited edition ALIENS t-shirt, available only to the first 426 customers – a nod to the date (4/26), which is of course a nod to infamous series locale LV-426. Featuring artwork by Dan Mumford, the shirt will be available in sizes S-5XL in men’s, and S-2XL in women’s. You’ll only find it over on the Fright Rags website.

Mondo Alien Day

As expected, the fine folks over at Mondo are celebrating ALIEN DAY in style, releasing all sorts of limited edition items that are sure to drain your bank account. Available online and in a special pop-up shop inside the South Lamar Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas, the eye-catching merch includes several posters, a “Xenomorph Blood” variant of the ALIENS soundtrack on vinyl, the PROMETHEUS soundtrack on vinyl, an “ugly Christmas sweater,” a Face Hugger knit ski mask, and a Xenomorph enamel pin. We hope you’ve been saving.

Believe it or not, this is all just the tip of the iceberg. ALIEN DAY is going to be EPIC.