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Surfer’s GoPro Captures Shocking Footage of a FLYING Great White Shark!

Southern California Surfers Drew Palumbo and Ben Slayback like to shoot drone and GoPro videos of their aquatic adventures. But last week, Palumbo caught a terrifying glimpse of something the pair had never seen in person before… and they’d probably prefer never to see it the same way again.

While surfing last Monday off Sunset Beach, the friends managed to capture footage of what appears to be a great white shark launching itself high above the ocean surface, about 100 feet from the camera.

While great whites are common to this area while the waters are warmest, it’s rare to see them breaching like this one.

Image Credit: iStock/USO
Image Credit: iStock/USO

According to Chris Lowe, a shark expert at California State University, Long Beach, the shark in the video is probably a younger specimen drawn to the warmer waters caused by this year’s El Niño conditions.

Image Credit: Drew Palumbo
Image Credit: Drew Palumbo

“Both of us knew what we were seeing,” Palumbo told CBS Los Angeles. “Seeing them in this kind of manner, that was enough for us to say ‘Maybe we’ll go somewhere else for the rest of the day.’” Good idea.


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