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Watch This Brutally Terrifying Gameplay Preview For OUTLAST 2!

Horror gamers: Your day is about to get so much better. More than ten minutes of gameplay footage from survival horror game OUTLAST 2 has been released from PAX East this weekend, and it looks remarkable.

Check it out:

The stripped-down suspense and no-mercy brutality that made developer Red Barrels’ OUTLAST a surprise hit are back, as is that terribly unreliable video camera. This time, though, OUTLAST is taking you out of the asylum and down to the farm: The murder farm, complete with a chase through a cornfield, a farmhouse with a dead yokel, and a secret room underneath the well where a perverse religion seems to practice child-killing rituals — all seen through the sickly green light of a battery-hungry night-vision video camera.

The strength of the first game was its minimalism and simplicity (“run away from the murderers and find some batteries!”) and judging from the new footage, Red Barrels isn’t trying to “broaden the appeal” of the series by giving the players some way of exercising power. Instead, they’re doubling down on the helplessness. There are still no weapons, no health display, and no way to attack, leaving running and hiding as your only options.

The main differences I noticed in terms of gameplay: This time, you’ll be wearing eyeglasses, and you can hide in water. Neither seems like a big deal at first, but if you remember the original game, the only “comforts” to your life were your night-vision camera staying functional and having a safe place to hide. A pair of eyeglasses adds another thing that can crack, shatter, or get lost, and setting a time limit on how long you can hide in some spots even takes away the opportunity to cower in terror. It’s just sadistic; delightfully, delightfully sadistic.

OUTLAST 2 is scheduled for release in 2016 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.