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6 Creepy Films You Likely Don’t Know Are On Netflix

Genres are very funny things, and movies are under constant debate as to what fits where. I have had lengthy arguments with people over whether films are best classified as horror or thriller or sci-fi or cult movies….or all of them at the same time. Netflix has the same problems. Some films that could easily be considered “horror” get stashed away under different genre listings. Therefore, possible genre movies are completely missed by fans who only search under the designated “horror” section.

Below are 6 awesome, creepy movies currently streaming on Netflix that definitely appeal to horror fans. Yet none of these are listed under a horror heading. Again, because genre is a slippery slope, some of these fit into many sub-genres, but they all have horror notes and should not be missed by genre fans simply because of Netflix labeling.


This is by far the strangest flick that is not listed in the “horror genre” on Netflix. THE OTHERS is stashed under “20th Century Period Mysteries”. How the heck is this not a horror movie? While awaiting the return of her husband from World War II and taking care of her two highly light-sensitive children, a mother begins to suspect their vast mansion is haunted.



THE HOLE (2001)

This was a great indie gem back in the early 2000s and one of Keira Knightley’s earlier movies. I remember it being in the “horror” section at the old video store I worked at. Netflix calls it a “psychological thriller”. A group of teens decide to party overnight in an old bomb shelter and accidentally get locked in. But as no one outside knows they are there, the problem quickly escalates and becomes highly psychological.




Netflix placed this one under “Dramas Based on Books”. I love this sleazy movie adaptation from the equally sleazy VC Andrews novel series. Starring a totally 80s Kristy Swanson, four children are locked away in an attic after their father’s untimely death.




Set in a futuristic society, victims of multiple personality disorders are able to remove their additional personalities through a procedure known as The Siamese Burn. In a halfway house for mental patients, Suki has removed almost all of her personalities just as other patients around her begin dying. Suki fears she still has a murderous personality she may not know about. Netflix calls this one a “crime thriller”, but it is totally also “psychological horror”.




GRAND PIANO is not quite a horror film by today’s standards, but it is incredibly Hitchcock-like in the plot and suspense. After a breakdown due to exhaustion, a pianist returns to the stage for the first time in five years. During the performance, he learns a sniper is planning to shoot his wife if he plays just one wrong note. Netflix has it under “Thrillers”. I would agree, but horror fans will love the ample scares and tension!



MOEBIUS (2013)

Netflix calls this one a “Drama”, but that is a massive understatement. MOEBIUS is one of the most disturbing and messed up films I’ve seen in years. Its like calling Miike’s AUDITION just a “Drama”. This South Korean flick was initially banned in its home country before finally getting an approval after significant cuts. Don’t worry- even with cuts, it will still melt your tiny mortal mind with bizarre, upsetting content. MOEBIUS is gorgeous and highly cinematic, but it’s a feat of endurance! I’ll just say it’s about the most fucked up family EVER.