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You Know You Want To Smoke Out Of These Horror Icon Pipes

Happy 420! This particular celebration doesn’t mean a whole lot to me as I don’t smoke. I’m a drinker, but I can appreciate how excited a lot of my friends get that are smokers. And quite frankly, if I were to pop over to their houses today and one of them pulled out the following bongs or pipes fashioned after my favorite horror icons, I’d consider taking a puff just so I can say I smoked out of Jason’s head.

If you search hard enough, there’s actually a whole slew of these you can find from various vendors, etsy shops, etc. But here’re a few just to get you started.


If you want the above pipes fashioned after both Jason’s Hockey Mask or the below pictured one of Billy The Puppet SAW doll, has got you covered as they offer a slew of “chameleon glass” styled hand pipes, modestly priced at about $49 bucks a pop.


Looking for something a little more esoteric. Something… ALIEN-esque? Andromedglass on Etsy offers a handful of ALIEN facehugger-themed designs. All are handmade, and the one below is the Octomorph edition (half Facehugger, half Octopus) on a Cobalt Blue glass spoon pipe. There are a bunch of similarly themed pipes like this one over there for $95.


Speaking of ALIEN, how’d you like to smoke out of Empire GlassworksAlien Sherlock,” modeled after H.R. Giger’s infamous xenomorph design? Looks like this one’s sold out from the official website, but you can add it to your wishlist, or find similar themed ALIEN goodies via a quick google search.

The following one is primarily for show, unless one of you out there has got $6500 dollars and is willing to smoke out of this full-on face hugger mask! It’s being offered by MaddyBella and is a one of a kind item! EPIC.

Last but certainly not least is one that defies all expectations. Why yes, someone out there made a HUMAN CENTIPEDE glass pipe. The problem is, I can’t find the originator of this piece or any info on who made it or if it’s for sale. Every link I find just links back to another link saying how cool it is that you can now smoke out of someone’s butt. It was probably a custom made piece, and to whomever that brilliant artist was, we salute you. Especially on 420.


*Special thanks to Michael Gilmore!